Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A Wolf

I've got this book, Drawing Wildlife by J.C. Amberlyn, it's definitely one of the better instructional books on animal drawing that I've read (I got tons). It's got heavy emphasis on forms and structure that make the animal, rather than just a series of step-by-steps or finished illos. It has those, too, but in a good ratio, Amberlyn is a striking wildlife artist with a natural and unforced style. Here I went through one of the tutorials to draw a wolf:

Didn't come out too bad, but the trick with animals, just like humans, it's all about proportions. So I scanned in the final drawing to use an old trick to gauge my own. My drawing is in grey, with the source overlayed in red:

It looks like I'm a tad off, coming up short in the body length... it may take a few more attempts to get closer. The funny thing is I can easily adjust my drawing in Photoshop to match up, but that kind of misses the point, eh? I haven't really posted here, but I do enjoy drawing animals alot. A certain group of beasties figure prominently into one of my many side projects so I try to get my game up whenever I can. If you're interested in animal drawing, the book above is a good addition to any artist's library.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Old Apartment

Speaking of LA, these are doodles back from outside my apartment in Studio City.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Tree Weapon

Haven't posted in a long while. This is quick, dirty and the first thing that came to mind. :)

Diner Doodles

I eat regularly at diners, weekend chillin' or lunchtime escapes. Many a page has been doodled waiting for meals or just making my way through cup's o' joe. This particular page is from Twain's in LA, where I noted their unusually ornate silverware.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008


No Foolin'

If there's nothing around me to draw, or inspiring at least, I seem to always fall back on trees and weapons. Or in this case, both. Next up: Trees AS weapons.