Monday, January 17, 2011

Dark Irony - what I did.

When I started concepting for Dark Irony I was worried that my characters would not be consistent visually and that my proportions might get wonky.

After initial sketching of characters, I went through the story and sketched out rough storyboard images.

 To get around my earlier two perceived problems of proportion and consistency, I modeled the characters, ships and environments in rough 3d and posed each shot. Lighting and camera set up probably took the longest to get right, and then I rendered out each shot.

Next I took the rendered images into Sketchbook Pro and "traced" over them.

Then I added the grayscale "color", restricting myself to 16 colors. Gradations looked terrible in 16 colors because there's banding or dithering of some kind. So I stuck with solid blocks of color.

Maybe not the best way to go about it, but it was interesting. :)


Sunday, January 16, 2011

Dark Irony!

Dark Irony is finally up on iTunes!

This is a story a friend of mine wrote with different choices for the reader to make - along the lines of the old "choose your own adventure" books. I did the illustrations. There aren't as many as there should be, but they're just fluff for the great story. Originally we thought this seemed like a good thing to do on a Kindle or e-reader so the art style reflects the limited 16 color grayscale of e-ink. (Of course now they've recently announced that they can will be able to do color e-ink.)

Anyways, please go check out Dark Irony on iTunes.

You can read the first chapter and then do an in app purchase for the rest of the story.

Next post, I'll cover how I created the images. It was something new for me and pretty fun.