Monday, May 12, 2008

D&D sketching

When there are 10 people playing it sometimes takes a while for your turn to come around again... thus I draw and listen to the geeks geeking out. This is a hand study and the Sex Pope... or Sex Bishop if you prefer.

This is me and the squirrel who is always digging up my garden. Oh and a one-eyed flying thing with a big knife.

This is of course Admiral what's his name (Ackbar?) from Star Wars. The D&D party was walkign into an obvious trap and trying to think of a way out. I just drew. I play a monk because they suck as a character class and I wanted to see why. This is a portrait of him wielding his weapon of choice - a dead rabbit.We'll see what comes out of the next D&D session...


Super Edco said...

We MUST have an Admiral Akbar theme! And it will be mandatory!!! Mwa ha ha ha ha!!!!

spaceJASE said...

That'd be FUN!