Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Bunny Details: Rosettes

Of the costume details, the "rosettes" seemed to have the most variation, possibly dependent on (geographic) location. The most common are the black interior/white type for the name, where the fringe and the ribbon were either white, black, or matching the costume color.

I did come across white and colored interiors with black type, tho most type I saw were all sans-serif block lettereing. I don't feel too bad about taking a little creative licence here with some script or some different color combinations.

There are a few notable cuts for the corsets, which evolved over time with function and fashion. Feel free to do your own image hunting, there are some variations with patterning that are pretty far out. But of note on the classic is where the telltale satin bunches up in the seams. There's supposed to be three seams down the front (with one right down the middle which I seem to forget), one on each side, and two more plus a zipper up the back. At the hip there are little string ties, which are easy to miss and often obscured. And of course the cottontail, don't forget that ;-)

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