Sunday, February 27, 2011

Playboy Bunny corset variations 3

Playboy Clubs had a "VIP Room" long before strip clubs usurped and ubiquitised the name. VIP Bunnies that worked the room had white trim to set them apart. As the clubs grew in popularity through the sixties, they branched to Europe where the London Playboy Club saw the first patterned fabric. These were custom fabrics by in-vogue artists at the time, and set a trend that would see many striking patterns appear throughout the international clubs and back to America.

There were many more variations, some questionable, as the clubs apassed through the decades and eventually closed. Of course that only made way for the eventual rebirth in Las Vegas. The "Modern Bunny," as I call it, the ones now found at the Playboy Club Palms, has multiple style corsets with totally different cuts, tho the classic cuts are still seen in use. I may get to drawing some of those eventually...

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