Thursday, December 8, 2011

X-Mas ideas from Cup Doodle!

Hey-- need a quick and affordable gift for the art lovers in your life? Why not pony up a pittance for a sketchbook by yours truly, or the affable Mr. Sagulo?

The weather may be blustery, but t-shirts are made for layering this winter!

Everyone knows the Zombie Apocalypse will be a cold, cold time, so the Zombie Shirt fits the layering bill on both counts. (not many left!)

For the girlies you know, how 'bout a sweet treat extolling the virtues of Naptime?
And last but not least, my first shirt, the ever popular Girlie Shirt!

There is still a nice spread of sizes available, and payment includes shipping costs. So why not treat yourself or your buds to a little something this year-- Cup Doodle style!

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