Tuesday, October 23, 2007

catwoman - ink - spaceJASE

This morning catwoman was calling to me so I threw her into ArtRage and did some linework. Maybe I'll come back to it later and go farther... maybe not.


Doc_Bo said...

..love your work..would you consider donating a sketch for use on items we're selling to benefit The Give Life Foundation
(Give-Life.org) ? .. we've parnered with this charity and artists i.e. Ryan Odagawa, Jason Badower et al have donated art for this worthwhile cause.. Thanks in advance, Ron

Doc_Bo said...

Eric -- Ororo Munroe (sylarsarmy.com) will be chucking the addy so that it can be shared with the rest of the guys ...
Jason Badower, the HEROES webcomic artist, is finishing up his art piece and we can't wait to get a 'yes' from you :)

Ron (Sheindie on 9th Wonders and SArmy)

Super Edco said...

Cool deal, I'll keep an eye out.

Anonymous said...

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