Sunday, October 12, 2008

Secret Saturdays

Has anyone checked out Secret Saturdays? It's the new show paired up with Clone Wars on Cartoon Network... and I dare say it may be the better half of that lineup.

The show's got a Johnny Quest/Herculoids vibe, with a bit of Van Helsing Family values. Pretty good adventure fare at least in the state of modern cartoons. I notice the adult character's dialog has got a less structured tone that most things written for children. But as such the show does feature an annoying child character that the world of course revolves around, written by a room full of grown-ups that try and make him sound cool. But the show's not written for me, after all. I also notice that the show features what in my recollection is cartoondom's first interracial couple. What took that so long?

The episodes so far have been fun, tho I can't say the show is super amazing because I'm not, you know, twelve. But since I'm not twelve I think I can say that Mrs. Saturday is pretty hot.

Show creator and all around fab-artist Jay Stephens has a blog, it's listed to the right in our artist blogroll.

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