Sunday, July 5, 2009

Don't go chasing waterfalls (RIP Left Eye)

So this is the first speedy done in Painter; I'm trying to get a feel for everything as I'd like to start using it more than Photoshop for speedpainting. The tools are pretty overwhelming, but I suppose it's just a matter of finding the brushes that suit you best. Again from reference.


lasupaman said...

Very nicely done, Stewie! Have you tried recording your painting sessions? I've found it as a great tool to catalog your work and as a learning stepping stone. For instance, record yourself and make a running commentary in your head as you watch it and take note of what you could do better, improve on, and what you did well during that session. What I use is CamStudio. It's free and does a great job of recording what's on your monitor!

lasupaman said...

Also, when recording yourself... you get the feeling that someone's watching. With that sensation, you'll (or at least for me) work a little more broadly and not hover with details. It's almost like a contest or race with yourself. You'll want to make it look good at every step of the way, which will improve on your overall "general -> specific" work flow.

spaceJASE said...

i wouldn't have guessed this was your first in Painter... very nice!