Friday, July 3, 2009

REO Speedpainting

Much kudos to Eric on the month of girlies! In the spirit of keeping a post-a-day going, I invite everyone to throw down with some speed painting. I'm going to try to do one a day in the hopes of seeing some improvement over a month. Here's the first one from reference:

The entire time I was trying to do this painting I kept getting text messages from an unknown number in my hometown:

Unknown: Who is this?
Me: This is stuart whitis. and you may be?
Unknown: Idk
Me: Godd***it
Unknown: Wow. Ohk. What was tht
Me: What is your name nameless one?
Unknown: James
Me: As in jaaaaames??? this is a two way street my friend
Unknown: Ohk?
Unknown: What does 'this is a two way street my friend' supposed to mean
Unknown: Hey whats up its brittany and courtney and jessica and james and sam and chris and joe and matthew. And who is this?
Me: Now I'm just confused. are these the multiple personalities of james who won't tell me his last name?
Unknown: Is this brandon
Me: F********ck nooooooooo
Unknown: Then who is this...?
Unknown: Btw.. This is brittany.. Now is this brandon
Unknown: Hello?
Unknown: Ellison
Me: Hah gotcha it's brandon
Me: Wzup horse face?
Unknown: Horse face? And who is this
Unknown: Seriously. Who called me horse face?
Unknown:R u sure?
Me: I'm pretty sure about the horse face
Unknown: Jerk.

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