Monday, February 13, 2012

2012: Year of the hand

The hand has vexed many an artist, it is a detail of anatomy that often requires as much attention as the body whole. Hands are magical in their ability to relay gesture and emotion all by themselves, and I as an artist marvel at other artists who make it look so simple.

After years of research and observation I've learned the secret. The trick to hands is... draw hands. Like, all the freakin' time. Over and over again. My own hands are passable but often times one that comes out good is more an aspect of a pleasant accident than stalwart study. So this year I'm devoting extra time to study the hand, and basically make an effort to draw so many god damn hands I can at least reach a halfway-decent comfort zone.

I'm not looking to master, as that's a lifetime's pursuit. But I am looking to improve and improvement comes through continued study and practice. Don't worry, Cup Doodle won't become a repository of endles hand doodles, but I'll surely throw some up now and again.

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