Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Juri duty: roughs and clean-up

Continuing my recent love affair with Street Fighter, I've wanted to do a pic of Juri Han for some time. It's hard thinking up an original pose because a lot of artists have already done so well! I did a little 3-inch thumbnail in my sketchbook of a Tae Kwon Do-ish stance that I dug, and did my best to re-create it in Manga Studio.

Manga Studio supports layers, but each layer is defined by specific type. A raster layer (as opposed to a bitmap or vector layer... it gets a little technical) works best for sketching. I really enjoy the feel of the pencil tool with the wacom. There seems to be a more natural variance with pressure and direction than Photoshop's brush tool. Using a grey-blue is just a personal preference, tho it does work nicer for inking overtop.

In this instance I did a rough for pose and then moved to a new sketch layer to define details before inking.

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