Saturday, May 25, 2013


1000 POSTS!!!!!!!!! O M G !!!! WOOOOO!!!!!!

Cup Doodle has been a wonderful place for art and artists and sketches and doodles and.... everything! Thank you to all of our followers old and new, all of our visitors and supporters, friends and family.

This is the part where we usually announce we're ready for the next 1000, alas... over the years our artists have found other places to be, other projects to focus on, and other doodles to doodle. So this post is Cup Doodle's last!

But FRET NOT! You may or may not have noticed the majority of posting duty of late has been held by yours truly, aka Super Edco. I'm proud to announce you can still get your share of all art-things Edco over at my NEW blog:

That's right! More doodles, devils, demons, girlies, and boobs a-plenty will be found right where Cup Doodle leaves off. Bookmark it RIGHT NOW!

For fans of our other artists (myself included), check out their current whereabouts linked in the sidebar on the right. While you're at that sidebar, be sure and visit the Art Blog Roll and visit dozens upon dozens of amazingly talented artists across the web.

Thanks again to all of you who have been stopping by. Thanks and gratitude to Jason, Manny, Billy, Josh, and Stuart. Special thanks to Vicki who supported Cup Doodle through and through. This is Super Edco... signing off!


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