Friday, May 18, 2012

Ace, colors

This was created for the amazing showcase at Game-Art-HQ for the Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Tribute Project. Every character is going to be represented, with artists contributing specifically for this project, and the character list is almost complete!

Ace is one of the more obscure characters, from Street Fighter EX3, but he was no less fun to draw. Check out Game-Art-HQ for the finished piece which has a bit more to it than the one posted here.


GBK said...

Hi, GBK directly from Game Art HQ here, please dont call our SF Tribute a collection, it might be just a little misunderstanding but for me a colection would be if we would just take artworks of every character and publish them as a collection.

Every of the over 230 pieces in this project however was created for it :-)

Greets, GBK

Super Edco said...

text updated!