Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Soccer Girl: The Artist's Curse

The Artist's Curse:

This loose pose looks like soccer pose. I'll make it a soccer girl!

What team does she play for? I don't know anything about soccer so I'll just make one up. This will require a logo, of course.

Dragons? Too ubiquitous. Hmmmm. A Roc? Yea!

But I like horns on things. A horned Roc bird thing. A Devil Roc!

Accidentally created a new mythological creature-- should probably contemplate origin of Devil Rocs. Later.

Where do the Devil Rocs play? What kind of town is cool enough to research and choose the Devil Roc for a young adult soccer team? 

Whisper Cliffs, that's fairly normal yet unique. Do they just have cool people who choose cool mascots or is the town itself fictional in origin to support such choices? Where are the cliffs? Why do they whisper?

Is the mayor of Whisper Cliffs hiding a dark secret involving the last existing egg of the once mighty Devil Roc?

(by this point the doodle has already been done for ten minutes)

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